Google's Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones have unveiled mind-blowing imaging tricks that left this tech reviewer in awe

Magic Editor, an evolution of Magic Eraser, lets you seamlessly cut and move subjects in photos. Change lighting, from harsh noon to golden hour, with ease

Magic Editor's Photo Wizardry

In seconds, transform ordinary photos into extraordinary ones with Magic Editor. Even shadows can be manipulated for a surreal touch

Photo Manipulation Made Easy

MIT's Ramesh Raskar foresaw the desire for idealized photos. Now, Magic Editor makes it effortless to turn cloudy skies sunny—a powerful tool, but also a potential source of misinformation

Shaping a New Reality

Best Take utilizes multiple frames to ensure no one blinks in group photos. It selects the perfect face to complete your ideal shot

Perfect Group Shots with Best Take

Choose the best face from multiple frames using Google's facial recognition technology—no need to rely on luck for great group photos

Face Selection Made Simple

Magic Eraser now works on audio too. Remove background noise from videos, isolating the sounds you want

Silencing Unwanted Noise

Witness the magic as sirens disappear from a cello performance. Google's AI identifies common sounds and lets you edit them with precision

Audio Magic Eraser's Brilliance

Pixel 8 Pro's exclusive Video Boost feature improves low-light and action-packed video clips. Send your footage to Google's Cloud for a stunning upgrade.

Enhancing Video with Video Boost

Pixel 8 Pro's Video Boost promises clearer, brighter, and more stable videos. Stay tuned for this exciting feature, coming soon after launch

A Glimpse of the Future